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Frequently Asked

Have a question about our products or services? Click on any of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about our policies and options.
How do I know what size table to get?
Your table size will depend on a few things. First, determine the look you’re going for - do you want square, rectangular, or round tables? Then, you’ll need to determine the size of your space and how many tables you can fit (take a look at our handy tent seating & size capacity chart or call one of our talented team members).
Finally, use our table/seating diagram to see the table that will work best for your event.
Can I pick up my own rental order?
Of course! Please see our information on Delivery & Pickup on the Policies & Guidelines area.
Can I place an order online?
Although we'd like to confirm your order over the phone or in person, you can browse our inventory, select your needed items and place your request for a quote through our 'Build a Quote' website. Once you place your request, an Illusions team member will contact you to verify everything is correct and finalize the quote.
How do I know which office to call?
Any of our offices can help you with questions and orders. We can easily direct you to the appropriate person. We service events all throughout Texas, not just the areas where we have physical locations.
Does every office have the same equipment and rental selection?
Our offices work together to provide every customer the same inventory selection.
How do I know what to order for my event?
Contact us! Our team has decades of experience in the rental industry and we can help you figure out all the needed items and the equipment that will work best for your event. You can also take a look at our resources to find examples of guidelines for your event needs.
How far in advance should I place my order?
We suggest placing your order as far in advance as possible so you are guaranteed the equipment you really want. You can place an order as close to your event as you wish and we will work with you to determine what equipment is available and appropriate for your event.
Do you deliver?
Of course! Please see our Delivery & Pickup under our Policies and Guidelines area.
What if I want a very specific piece of décor?
We can custom make it! We have a woodworking shop, a floral company and incredible designers. Contact us and we will help you create your vision.
Can I just rent a couple of linens from you?
Of course!
What other services do you provide?
Illusions Rentals and Designs specialize in much more than just equipment rental. We also have an on-site floral shop with amazing designers who can put together beautiful centerpieces and floral displays for your event. Also, if you’re looking for an ice sculpture, we have those too! Our award winning in-house ice sculptor can create anything for your event - from logos to full bars, salad plates, glasses and much more! Contact one of our team members to get a full list of available services.


About Renting

All charges are for time out, whether used or not, so make your selection carefully. We provide on-site consultation. Please contact us for a quote.


Most prices quoted are for a one-day charge. If you desire to use rental items for a longer period, please call our office for long-term rates.


Should be made at least 48 hours prior to delivery to avoid any additional charges. For Tent rentals, 72 hours is needed.

Delivery & Pickup


Special containers are provided for your china, silver, glassware, etc., to ensure that you receive your items sterilized, undamaged, sparkling and “table ready.” Our delivery personnel are instructed to deliver to a garage, dock or door readily accessible to our trucks.  * Additional charges may apply if we must carry a long way, etc.


All china, silver, utensils, etc., should be rinsed food free and repacked in the same containers as delivered. Linen should be dry and free of refuse to prevent staining and mildew. Tables and chairs should be stacked in the same manner and place in which they were delivered. All items should be assembled in a single location as specified above. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.

Customer Pickup Rentals

Payment for customer pickups required in advance and a valid Texas driver’s license must be given when order is picked up. You are welcome to pick up your rental order at any of our showrooms. An advance reservation is recommended.


Payment for customer pickups required in advance and a valid Texas driver’s license must be given when order is picked up. You are welcome to pick up your rental order at any of our showrooms. An advance reservation is recommended.

San Antonio

Local delivery and pick up charges range from:  $50- $165
There is a 20% fuel surcharge fee on each delivery.  Out of town deliveries are charged at $3.50 per mile, round trip. Call our office for an accurate delivery quote.  A minimum rental of $200 is required.


Local deliveries range from $90 - $165 + 20% fuel surcharge. Out of town deliveries are charged at $3.50 per mile, round trip. Call our office for an accurate delivery quote.

Set Up/Strike

Set up and strike service is available at a reasonable cost if arranged in advance. The charge to set up equipment rented from Illusions Rentals and Designs is $0.75 per table and $0.50 per chair. The charge to set up your items is $2.00 per table and $1.00 per chair.


After Hours Charges

A charge of $25 per hour per person (4 hour minimum) will be charged for delivery / pickup taking place outside of regular business hours.  Call for an accurate quote.

San Antonio:

Normal Business Hours:
Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
8 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Normal Business Hours:
Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Loss or Damage

Responsibility for equipment remains with lessee from time of delivery to time of return. All rental items should be protected and secured from weather. Please read Rental Agreement Page of your contract to fully understand our policies.

Damage Waiver

A damage waiver fee of 12% is an option available to renters. This fee relieves the renter of liability for accidental damage to rented items. Excluded from this waiver are any losses or damages due to theft, burglary, mysterious disappearance, mildewed linens, intentional damage, misuse, abuse or failure to care for rental items as one would their own property. Example of damage waiver coverage: accidental damage such as chips, cracks, broken china, crystal and barware; stains, and tears in linen and skirting; physical damage to tables or chairs. All damaged/broken items must be returned. Missing items are not covered. Damage waiver fee is non-refundable.



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